Fordham VS Stony Brook

<p>For a pre-med track
Major in economics</p>

<p>Which would better prepare be and market me to get into and ivy med school</p>

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<p>This is one of the stickys in this forum. Reading this and the other ones would be most beneficial and helpful to you at this point.</p>


<p>Neither. And this is the case no matter which college you go to, including an ivy (college).</p>

<p>The wisdom of applying to med school, before you get in any, is not to be obsessed about getting into a particular (or even a particular set of) med school. A better goal is to get into a Med School.</p>

<p>But why do you have to get into an ivy med school? The majority (if not all) of med schools are also good and any of these will train you to be a good doctor.</p>

<p>Focus on fit, academic quality, and cost instead of which one will get you into an Ivy med school. All medical schools are of very high quality here in the US.</p>