Foreign language as Common App topic?

<p>So I've taught myself a few of languages (I speak around 6 now), I was planning on using this for writing my common app. Is this too like odd/unexciting/boring/pretentious/insignificant?
I was going to try and expand it by connecting it to how despite my relatively boring upper middle class life I feel much more connected to other parts of the world and I've become much more open minded and curious?
I'm worried because this sounds kind of like those I-went-to-a-foreign-country-and-now-I'm-not-a-closed-minded-eurocentric-pseudo-accepting-American-kind-of essays.

<p>odd/unexciting/boring/pretentious/insignificant happen through the way you write it. I think it sounds like a good topic.</p>

<p>I think this could make a good topic but you should shift the focus. Instead of “I’m more open-minded” (like, what, you couldn’t accept speakers of other languages unless you spoke their language too? I’m sure you don’t mean it like that, as you’re clearly very aware of how these things can come across, but there is a definite risk of coming across like that nonetheless), try focusing instead on your motivation and learning strategies. As a language nerd with a linguistics degree, I know it is very hard to teach yourself a language! It requires real and sustained dedication, as well as creativity, since the natural way to learn a language is from other people. So how did you do it? What motivated/motivates you to keep going? Have you experienced any specific rewards (e.g. being able to communicate with someone you wouldn’t have been able to communicate with otherwise)?</p>

<p>Thank you so much jpheys, your answer really helped me think about how to write my essay and gave me lots of ideas!</p>