Foreign Language at Alfred

<p>Agg. Alright, so here it is. It's senior year- actually, it starts tomorrow, egads- and so far all I've done all summer is my own college courses, individual study, etc; I haven't exactly been sitting around on my butt, but I haven't really been looking at colleges. At all. Next thing I know, everyone starts telling me about how many places they've gone to visit, how many places they're going to apply, and oh yes, the applications are due in by whatsit, October 1st? Even the people I know who seemingly couldn't give a care less about being on top of things have gone looking. So now I'm forced to reconcile my difficulties, only to find that I can't find any places I want to visit; ie they're too far away to go see, I don't want to move to Idaho (no offense there, but I live in Rhode Island) and there are certain ties that are binding me within the Rochester County area of New York. </p>

<pre><code> And so it goes; what's the outlook for a possible French/Foreign Laguage/English Lit major/minor/procrastinator at Alfred University in New York? I'd appreciate some insider info; all those brochures are starting to all look the same.