foreign language courses from CC not transferring over??


<p>So I transfered into UW this fall quarter from a community college and I just found out that my foreign language courses(ASL 101, ASL 102) that i took at the college, did not transfer over into my UW transcript. I know for a fact that UW accepts American Sign Language as a foreign language. </p>

<p>Did this happen to anyone else? I don't know if it was a mistake or not because i needed those foreign language courses to get INTO UW and now they're not even in the transcript? I will be meeting with an advisor on monday, but that's 4 days away and it's killing me that i can't find out at this very instant ahah. </p>

<p>Did anyone go through something similar to this? College credit not transferring over properly?</p>

<p>Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!!</p>

<p>My Spanish classes from SCCC transfered over.
I will say that registration/admissions or whoever loads the stuff..did mess up on some of my other classes. I just went in there and told/showed them their mistakes and they fixed it.</p>

<p>BTW the advisor's didn't fix it for me...someone in schmitz hall did. I forgot who, because people kept sending me to diff departments I don't remember who I ended up talking to fix it. (sorry!)</p>

<p>travelgirl - </p>

<p>Thank you for letting me know!! I feel at ease now knowing that it must have been a mistake!!</p>