Foreign Language Credits

I was just wondering if I still need to take another foriegn language.</p>

<p>I took spanish 1 in middle school and then I have 2 foreign language credits from middle school as well.
I took French 1 and French 2 in high school freshman year. I am french so I already know everything up to AP french. I am thinking about taking AP french next year but I know that a lot of really good colleges want 4 credits for foreign language over four years. But I would only have 3 credits over 2 years plus the 2 foreign language credits from middle school thus giving me 5 credits but only 3 of them actually saying french.</p>

<p>do i need to take french 3 and french four my junior year and then ap french 5 to satisfy this criteria or is it just superfluous because if i have the credits but not necessarily the courses on my transcript</p>

<p>if u r at the level to take ap french then go ahead and take it junior year. french 3 would just be a waste.</p>

<p>okay. thanks for your help! tahts how i feel too about it.</p>

<p>you need 4 credits of Foreign Language... consider taking French 3 & AP French 5... and maybe Honors French 4... simultaneously just to satisfy them... they will like that you modified your schedule completely just to satisfy them... that shows that your dedicated to them... but also possibly that ur a pushover... but to be safe... you need 4 credits... I'm in a similar predicament with self studying Italian lol</p>

<p>you don't need four credits for most colleges at least. i think foreign language is just required 2 years or 3 at the most. they just say its better to have 4 years. but if you get all the way to ap and your school doesn't offer higher courses they are not going to blame you</p>

<p>I haven't seen a single college that requires 4 years of language.</p>

<p>Most colleges that want you to have a foreign language want at least two years not four, but if you proficent enough just take the exam. You don't need the actual class.</p>

<p>My school doesn't offer any kind of honors of ap language course, just regular, though they do have the ap tests for anyone who chooses to take them. Think colleges will not realize this, and think opted for easy classes? </p>

<p>Btw, I'm taking all 4 years, whether or not it's necessary.</p>