Foreign Language Dilemma - Help ASAP

<p>Well, I am win Span 3/4 H this year, and not doing great. I barely got a B on the semester. I have a C average on tests, but I still got a B. Now, should I take Spanish 5/6 next year? I didn't plan on it, but when I went to my councelor she said it was extremely important, and unless if i really really really didn't want to i shoudn;t. i heard the 5/6 teacher is ind of mean, hard, and boring. i don't really want to do it, but how important is it for college?</p>


<p>i plan to go to a mid - low uc or a high calstate or private.</p>

<p>I have no idea how colleges view these things, but it seems like if Spanish 5/6 is going to murder your GPA, it's not the best way to go...</p>

<p>Is there another language you could take instead, that you might enjoy more?</p>

<p>good point, can i take french 1 or chinese 1, would that count as the reccomended 3 years??</p>

<p>I assume that it would. I don't know if colleges count based on what level you take of things, though.</p>

<p>From personal experience, I think it's better to take subjects that you can actually deal with. But I'm not sure whether 'bad grade in higher level' or 'good grade in lower level' is better.</p>

<p>...I hope someone with more knowledge can better answer your question.</p>

<p>alright, thanks, anyone else know?</p>