Foreign Language/IGETC-Los Angeles Community College District

<p>Anybody here attend a school in the LA Community College District and familiar with the foreign language equivalency for IGETC? A counselor at LACC once told me both Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 were required, however a counselor at Harbor told me Spanish 1 alone satisfied the requirement. I attended high school out of state and don't want to deal with the hassle of high school transcripts, and don't mind satisfying the requirement at a CC, however don't want to take Spanish 2 if its not necessary. Any info helps, thanks!</p>

<p>i go to LACC and you need 2 semesters of a language (intro 1 + intro 2)</p>

<p>YOu should look at your college's catalog for clarification.</p>

<p>It depends on your CC. SMC does it in one 5 unit class, some CC's chose to do it in 2 2.5 unit classes .</p>

<p>What thisislife said. Some LACCD schools have 5 unit foreign language classes, others 2.5. I went to LAVC and all their foreign language intro classes (i.e. Spanish 1, French 1, Italian 1, German 1, Armenian 1) are 5 units. 4 years of high school French were for nothing... le sigh.</p>