Foreign Language Placement Test Questions

I’ve tried looking this up but the only forum that came up was asking about the scores, which is not what I’m curious about.

Is it possible to test out of the language requirement completely, or does your score on the placement exam put you in a class no matter what?

I’m bilingual and was hoping to get to completely test out of the requirement with my native language like you can at other schools, but I can’t figure out if that’s possible. If not, does that mean I’d need to take the test in the language I studied in high school?

You are required to take a foreign language course 201 or higher. The test is simply for placement. If you test lower than the 201 level, you will have to take more than one course to meet the requirement. I believe you would be able to take your native language or the one you studied provided that they are offered at Furman. Most liberal arts schools are similar.

Thank you! I was wondering because my sister goes to a liberal arts school and she was able to completely test out of the requirement. I’m planning on double majoring so I wanted to lighten my course load a bit haha.