foreign language placement

<p>On its website, Duke recommends that we take a language sat subject test for placement. Do you think it's too late to take the test after their deadline has passed, and send my scores to them?</p>

<p> can we take it like in june if we're attending in 2008 fall</p>

<p>was that a question or an answer? does this mean i can take it in june in time for registering for classes?</p>

<p>Did you get accepted without taking a language SATII?</p>

<p>you aren't required to take any sort of language test (sat 2 or ap) to take a language class. i didn't have the prereqs but they let me sign up for the 100-levels anyway and i did just fine.</p>

<p>mine was a question......</p>

<p>I took the SAT-II in Spanish in May of my senior year. If you get 660 or above (I got exactly 660) you are allowed to take a 100-level Spanish class. The only other way to qualify to take a 100-level class is to get a 5 on the AP Spanish Language Test (which is MUCH more difficult).</p>

<p>for those taking an asian language out there--I've heard you can prbly take the sat2 in november after you're enrolled. this helps those ppl whose sat 2 language will hurt them in admissions if they get anything below like 800 or some other rlly high score</p>

<p>once again, you don't <em>have</em> to take anything. the scores are recommendations and they do NOT kick you out of the class if you don't have those scores...if you want to take it to figure out where you're at, that's one thing, but if you know you should take _____ level, you don't need to take the test. I'm speaking from experience.</p>

<p>oh ok, thanks. I probably should brush up on my french though if i'm not going to take the subject test.</p>

<p>Bonjour. :)</p>