foreign language placement

<p>so i took the spanish placement test and got put into the highest spanish level possible from that (third semester) but i was wondering if it was possible to take further tests to get placed higher? my brother who went to SC said his friend was placed higher but i dont know if they still do that or how one would get bumped up. i got a 560 on the placement test..does anyone even know that that score means? i consider myself conversationally fluent and the majority of my spanish has been self taught. i really want to be able to get into a higher level class so i can go on a full spanish immersion program that requires 5 semesters of college level spanish but i dont know how many classes i am interested in taking. also, i am slated to get a 7 on the IB HL spanish exam, so could this get me more credit as well and possibly move me up a semester?</p>

<p>You can take a pencil-and-paper test when you arrive on campus to attempt to waive the third semster. Here are the dates and times: USC</a> Testing Bureau </p>

<p>IB credit info: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>i got placed into 4th semester korean and after enrolling and taking the class for a couple days the professor moved me up to 6th. with languages your placement results aren't set in stone.</p>

<p>Like Alamemom said, you can take a pencil-and-paper test which is the only way you can completely test out of a language. My daughter took the test last Saturday to try to do the same. Good luck!</p>