Foreign Language requirement

<p>Does anyone know if Rice has changed their foreign language requirement. Right now there isn't any in my expected major but there was talk last year that the new president might change requirement. Did any of you hear about this at Owl WE?</p>

<p>I haven't heard anything about a foreign language requirement - my understanding is that you can graduate under the requirements of any year in which you are enrolled. I have STRONG doubts that a foreign language requirement will be in place next year, and so you should be ok if you don't take any.</p>

<p>While it's nice not to have to take a language, isn't it kind of useful? I dropped Spanish this year because it was a lot of work (I did AP Language last year) and I didn't really enjoy it but I'm planning on taking it up again at Rice - at least a little. I'm also interested in German but we'll see...</p>

<p>Oh no, I agree it's useful. You should definitely take a language (or 2) if you are interested in it.</p>