Foreign Language Requirement

<p>So let me get this staight: if you take the placement exam for a foreign langauge during orientation, and you demostrate at least three semesters (or is it years?) proficiency that language, then you are exempt from having to take a language as part of the general education requirement? I hope I got this right, but if anyone can help clarify this, that would be great (since that "Welcome to USC" book can pull a fast one sometimes... has anyone ever read it and just went "what the (bleep) are they talking about?")</p>

<p>Yes, you have it right. It is totally worth brushing up on your foreign language too, if it might mean totally getting out of your req.</p>

<p>Oh that would be great, What is the requirment?</p>

<p>do ap credits get you out of the test?
because ap language level languages are third year which is 6th semester level.</p>