Foreign Language requirement?

<p>Hi. I applied to some of the ivies and top 20 colleges.
But i only took 2 years of spanish (foreign language). Many of the schools i applied require 3 years of foreign language but i took SAT Chinese and got 800.
Do you think i will be disqualified for taking only 2 years of spanish?</p>

<p>Many of the competitive applicants at the ives and top 20s will have taken three or four years of a foreign language, but most schools do not have a requirement. I don't think this one aspect can make or break you, depending on how strong the other aspects of your application are.</p>

<p>The foreign language requirement is probably not absolute, so I wouldn't say you have NO chance. But honestly, it looks pretty bad not meeting even the minimum requirements that the college asks...</p>

<p>well. in level wise, i did take 3 years of spanish (i took one year in middle school, and 2 years in high school). So i guess that's gud?</p>