foreign language requirement?

<p>in my princeton review book, it says upenn requires 4 years of a foreign language in high school. i can't find any info about this on their site, so can anyone confirm this?</p>

<p>While it is favorable to have studied a foreign language in high school for at least 4 years, it is not a requirement. It will not make or break your application. I do recommend you take at least three years, however. Just to be safe.</p>

<p>i've taken three and would have taken four, but my teacher during my third year was absolutely horrible and was later fired. i would have done poorly in my fourth year, so i opted out of it.</p>

<p>I took three years of foreign language in high school and it wasn't an issue.</p>

<p>Took two years of Japanese and one year of Chinese (online). :) </p>

<p>It's not a major issue. They only RECOMMEND 3-4 years of language study.</p>

<p>three years of high school spanish here</p>

<p>and, engineers don't have a foreign language requirement =D</p>