Foreign Language requirement

<p>As we know, the UC a-g requirements includes two years of foreign language. If I took spanish 1-2 freshmen year and 3-4 senior year, does that count? And also, is there any way to take the Sat II Korean in November and have it included in the application? And finally, what do I do if my school does not have a UC transcript. Do i input the high school GPA on the application or calculate my own UC GPA?</p>

<p>What do you mean that your school doesn’t have a UC transcript? You use your own transcript and list the GPA that is on your transcript and report it on the UC apps as how it’s listed. You don’t want to recalculate it for the UCs or else they’ll think you’re making numbers up. The UCs most likely will recalculate your GPA in their own standards for you.</p>

<p>Also, UCs only need two years of foreign language, so taking those two years should be fine. You can take the SAT2 Korean in November and directly send the scores to the UCs, utilzing the free score reports that come with each SAT.</p>

<p>oh cool? ok thanks a lot</p>