Foreign Language Requirements for Applying to American Universities

I’m an American citizen currently studying abroad and will be taking the IGCSE O/A/AS Levels before applying to study in America for college. My school offers two language aside from English - French and Bengali. I have less than a year until my O Levels and I’m not taking any foreign languages as I didn’t think I had to. My friends who are permanent residents of the country I’m studying in are required to Bengali as it’s the national language. Because of my American passport I don’t have to and IGCSE only offers Bengali as a first language which I wouldn’t be able to cope up with.

French was introduced at my school last year and there are less than 10 kids in the class. The French department is also very weak. Would it be a good idea to learn French for IGCSE and give the exam in private? Also, where I currently live it would probably be very expensive and difficult to find a French teacher.

If you’re going to apply to US colleges, take French. SOME study of a foreign language will be expected. Because IGCSE’s serve as proof of curriculum you need to take the test. How you get there (school or private lessons) doesn’t matter in that specific context.