Foreign Language Requirements

<p>Is it required for you to take foreign language in college?</p>

<p>Or because I've already taken 3 years of French (French 2, French 3, and AP French) do I get out of taking French in college?</p>

<p>I'm curious because I skipped French 4 to do AP French this year, and I don't really want to take French 4 next year because AP French has sucked all the love I have for French out of me. (I'm also not taking the AP Test, I don't think I can do very well on it).</p>

<p>If you don't take the AP test and score well enough then it won't count for college credit. That's from what I remember when I decided to not take an AP test for Art History. </p>

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<p>The answer varies widely based on the college. You need to check for each school you are considering.</p>

<p>At Rhodes you can test out of the requirement. In fact, it doesn't matter if you score a 5 on the AP test - you have to pass our placement test at the 202 level or better.</p>

<p>As happy said language requirements vary widely from college to college. You also have to look at the separate requirements for admissions and for graduation, in other words, what you need to get in and what you need to get out.</p>

<p>Some colleges place a high premium on language proficiency in admissions, though actual number of years of study is flexible. Your counselor should explain why you chose AP French instead of French4 in your counselor recommendation letter.</p>

<p>Some colleges require you to prove language proficiency in order to graduate. This is established in different ways: standardized test scores, the college's own test or years of study. If you don't "place out" you'll need to study language in college.</p>

<p>Some colleges have no language requirements for graduation. Some colleges have no distribution requirements at all (except as pertains to your major). It's quite variable.</p>