Foreign Language :(

<p>Do colleges look unfavorable upon you if you drop foreign language in 12th grade?</p>

<p>Yes, especially if the foreign language is English.</p>

<p>Seriously now.</p>

<p>Not meaning to jack this thread, but what if in 11th grade you take the AP class for the language. I plan on doing that, and I don't wwant to waste my 12th grade in Latin 4 after the AP class.</p>

<p>it will probably not look good at SOME colleges</p>

<p>I hope not. I dropped foreign lang after 9th grade. There was no way I was going to take Spanish 4 my soph year, unless I wanted to go onto AP Spanish, which would've been extremely hard.</p>

<p>If you already took the AP test and got a high enough score, there's really no point to continue taking the course. For me, I like all four years of a foreign language before testing out though.</p>

<p>I know people who dropped foreign language b/c 11th grade b/c they wanted to take another science (AP Bio), which I don't think looks like good</p>

<p>As long as you get in at least 3 years of science and some indication of proficiency (SAT II or AP test), I don't think it makes a difference.</p>

<p>Hmmm ... so I think the general sentiment on this thread is "YES" ?

<p>I would like to know this too!
I'm probably dropping Japanese senior year (Japanese 4) because I don't want to take 0-7.</p>

<p>yeah me 2. i m totally dropping my sixth yr of spanish in 12th grade for AP chem (even though i wouldnt mind taking it) I mean, i've always seemed to ace spanish (non-native) but idk if it'll look bad.</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>The general rule is to take through level 4 (at least in my area). For top college admissions it is recommended to take up to AP level (or the highest available). If you max out, there is no reason to take more language, and taking latin 1 or something like that senior year is viewed as a joke class (but it should be fine if you have an interest). I went up to Spanish 4 junior year (most top students take Spanish 4 or another language at level 4 sophomore year) and still got into a few top colleges that are coveted by average CCers.</p>

<p>Okie dokie. I just don't want to waste time in Latin 4 my senior year if I've already taken the AP class junior year.</p>

<p>then that sucks for me bcus im definately dropping japanese!
my school decided to stop jap 1 and combine AP, Jap 4, Jap 3, and Jap 2 into one class... which means that there are 60+ kids in one room</p>

<p>i havent learned anything this year bcus its basically a self-learn class and so now, everything that ive learned in japanese has gone done the drain.. i basically do nothing in that class.</p>

<p>oh and my teacher is sooooo INCREDIBLY CLUELESS! i didnt even take my test or PALS yet and she just gave me a random grade! shes also lost my homework, writing pals, test, project, and grade sheet...... ughhh</p>

<p>Jman, colleges actually do want 4 years of foreign language, in general. im not sure if dropping spanish after soph year was a smart idea. lol.</p>

<p>It probably wasn't, but I couldn't stand Spanish anymore. I'm already a sophomore, so what should I do? I thought about taking Latin online through FLVS (don't like the latin teacher at my school) because there is no way I'm taking French or Chinese and Latin seems more useful.</p>

<p>I stopped after Spanish 3 because it wasn't fun, even though I was pretty good at it. All the verb conjugations, and exceptions to rules were really annoying lol.</p>

<p>Those 4 years don't have to be in the same lang, do they?</p>

<p>^Yea, they do generally. Sorry :(</p>

<p>for me, im dropping french in my senior year. Ive taken up to french 4 ap. In middle school i took french 1. Freshmen year french 2. Soph french 3.</p>

<p>Do u think it is necessary to take french 5? my class right now is french 4 and 5 combined</p>

^Yea, they do generally. Sorry


<p>Well.....that sucks. At least I'm not planning on applying to any top schools or Ivies.</p>