Foreign Languages at UF? (Russian and Greek) + Side math question!


<p>So, I'm a freshmen and am possibly interested in taking Intro to Russian Language and culture or Modern Greek for my 1st semester. I understand both are 5 credit courses, and intense. I've taken 3 years of Russian in High School. Would that make it doable? What about Modern Greek? </p>

<p>Side Question:</p>

<p>Precalc with Trig, or without Trig? I'd like more opinions on this. I'm contemplating on taking it with Trig to get it over with, but I'm not the strongest in math. </p>

<p>Has anyone taken MEL4011, or RTV3405. Any opinions? Should a freshmen take these </p>

<p>Any, and all help appreciated. :)

<p>What is your major at the moment? Hellp us help you :)</p>


<p>I'm exploratory at the moment, and I'm honestly not sure. I'm interested in the sciences, but I'm also interested in business.</p>

<p>My friend took both Greek a year ago, then last year took both Russian and Chinese at the same time. He managed to do well, but it took a looooot of time. Language classes are pretty intense when it comes to work. I think Greek was the hardest one for him. Russian seemed like the easiest. If I were you, I would pick one language and take that.</p>