Foreign Languages For Clemson University

<p>Hello, I'm an instate student looking to apply to clemson, they've sent me a provisional acceptance in the mail and I've already sent in my application, but I have yet to get my transcript filled out. I just started my senior year and realized I can not take a 3rd foreign language, as I am taking 2 AP classes and they take up a total of 4/8 blocks in my schedule. Also taking the 4th PLTW course, and this creates a very limited schedule mobility. I'm interested in an engineering degree, my SAT Scores are 1400 and 2000, on each scale. My weighted GPA is ~4.7. I'm in top 10 for my class. And my extra-curriculars include the science team and Orchestra for the first 2 years of high school. What I'm asking is, will this void my provisional acceptance, and will hinder my chances to get in?</p>

<p>3 years of a foreign language in high school is a requirement for Clemson admissions. I would talk to the admissions office if for some reason you are unable to fulfill this requirement and see if they can work around it: [Contact</a> Undergraduate Admissions | Undergraduate | Admissions | Clemson University, South Carolina](<a href=“Contact Undergraduate Admissions | Clemson University”></p>