Foreign Sophmore Stats ..What can I do to improve?

Hey I am a 10th grader from India studying in the CBSE system.I would appreciate if any of you could take a look at my stats till now and give me constructive feedback for the future.

Potential Majors include- Public Policy ,Economics and Comp Science
Potential Colleges that I may apply to are- Harvard, Columbia, Princeton , UCB, UCLA, Univ of Chicago,Duke ,NYU

Academic Achievements
9th Grade - CGPA - 9.4/10
10th Grade expected CGPA- 9.8/10
PSAT 2015 score -1190 / 1520 (91st percentle- got scores yesterday)

Future IB diploma student. Potential future courses are-
Eco HL
Comp Sci HL
Eng HL
Math SL
Chem /Psych SL
French B SL

Extra-Curricular achievements

Model United Nations
-Won 8 awards in 9 MUNs (Win Loss ratio -88%)
-Won award at the largest national level MUN in India with over 2000 delegates
-Won award at largest MUN in Delhi ( 600 delegates )
-Attended a highly selective workshop in the United States embassy , New Delhi on Model UN and speech
-Deputy Head of Finance for THSMUN’15 ( 500 delegates) with a revenue of $15,000
-Model UN Society ( Senior member )
-Conducted workshop on MUNs for over 100 first time delegates

-Youngest member of Core team,Debating Society (9th)

  • Student Leader of Heritage School Debating Society(10th)
    -Conducted Workshop on parliamentary Debating for around 60 students
  • Head Organiser of The first THSDebate’15 (parliamentary debate)

Football (9th and 10th grade)
-Champions -Heritage Football meet 2014
-Runners up (Silver) - Heritage Football meet 2015
-Bronze medal - CBSE Under 19 state meet ( 3rd out of 53 teams)
-Attended a selective 5 day youth training workshop by FIFA
-Trained with coaches from FC Barcelona-escola , New Delhi

Leadership and Other
-Worked with the NGO - We the People during an active citizenship programme
-Team Leader in online Investment Competition by Wharton School of Business,University of Pennsylvania.

Placed in top 60 out of 400 teams globally.
-Student Elected Class Representative ( 9th)
-Student Leader of The Heritage School Debating Society( 10th)
-Deputy Head of Finance ,THSMUN’15 ( 10th)
-Lead Organiser , THSDebate’15

  • Master of Ceremonies at YUJAN '15 , a winter carnival with over 7000 people in attendance

-Participated in a football youth training workshop Conducted by FIFA coaches
-Attended workshop on Gender Dynamics at an institute affiliated with the Spanish Embassy,New Delhi
-Attended workshop on French as a second language by an official of the French Embassy
-Attended a workshop on creativity in Entrepreneurship by an educational organization
-Attended a workshop on Model UN and speech in the United States Embassy, New Delhi

Some constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Ok so the top scoring colleges for computer sciences in the states are Carnegie Mellon University, UC Berkley, Stanford, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Do more math related activities and join competitions and also try do do more with technology and even try some robotics

I actually am new to this whole thing but I would say give it a shot. Your academics and extracurriculars are pretty solid which will make you a competative applicant for all the schools listed above. Keep in mind that you should always apply to safety schools because you are an interbational student. And not to be discouraging but you can have the perfect scores and gpa and sometimes not be accepted into some top notch universities because they take a “hollistic” aproach. Good luck! :slight_smile:

^Can’t spell holistic. Is offering college advice.

For UCLA/UC, academically you are on the right track. Aim for 2200+ for the SAT and keep up the good work with your EC’s.

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Hey @moleculeman, you’re credentials are awesome. Congratulations on all the work you’ve put in. You should be proud, as it really shows here. Your grades are strong, as well as your extra curriculars and awards. I think you will be a competitive applicant at every school you are applying to. Your PSAT is promising, but it is always a safe bet to aim higher. How are your essays and supplemental questions? These also weigh heavily into the admissions process, so be sure they are strong and a great representation of who you are. It is the only hint of your character and personality that the admissions office can see, so make it a strong impression. A lot of candidates, especially exceptionally book smart students focus solely on grades and scores, and neglect a strong essay, and this can ultimately cost them an acceptance to top schools, as they look like just another smart kid. I think you have a very strong chance at UCB, UCLA, U of Chicago, and NYU. Your other schools are also in your league, but Ivies always tend to be tricky. It is hard to know exactly what they are looking for each year. I’ve seen people with next to perfect applications get rejected by one and accepted by another. It’s dodgy and impossible to predict, but don’t let this discourage you. You are an incredible student and will do well at whatever school you attend. You also have 2 more years to improve and add more to the list! Keep up the awesome work, and good luck!

Academic wise you stats are amazing! Your EC’s and other stuff is very good. You seem to be very diverse which is awesome! I defintely say the lower league ivies and pretty much all other colleges would be happy to accept you. The higher Ivies are not out of your reach but are very hard to get into. Just keep your GPA up study more for you final SATs. Also come up with a hook that’s unique for example mine is that I am a Hispanic male harpist. Make harpists are very hard to come by especially Hispanic ones so that’s my hook which is very good. Anymore questions feel free to message me.

Thank you everybody for the feedback and support .I will keep you posted on how I’m doing in another year or so

As an international, THE key question is: do you need financial aid?
Everything else is moot until you answer that question, alas. :frowning:

If I do not need financial aid , does it significantly increase my chances even at the supposed “Need-blind institutions” ? Are "need - blind institutions " a sham or are they for real

There are only 5 need-blind/meet full need institutions and they’re truly need-blind. They’ll only admit the absolute best from the entire world. Since you can’t estimate whether you are one of those, those can be applied to, but keeping in mind your odds are a lottery.
The thousands of other US colleges are not need-blind and will take your financial need into account.