Foreing Language Placement Test

<p>My son can't seem to find the online FL placement test. Where is it? Thanks.</p>

<p>Hi - I don't think it is available yet. I recall my son doing it last August. I think it was on WIN and after he completed it - he was immediately given his language class placement. When you look at the new student website - there will be a whole Academic section - which is not there yet. This Academic section will probably be available mid-July. It will have the language placement test info, preliminary worksheets to fill out prior to registering for classes, info on freshman seminars, etc.</p>

<p>Just as a side note --</p>

<p>Not everyone needs to complete the foreign language test. I think that I had to do about five questions of it due to my AP score. </p>

<p>Recommendation for anyone who plans on applying to Wake: ATTEMPT TO TEST OUT! Testing out puts you far ahead of the game. I took Spanish 216 and was done with Spanish for good (plus, if you want to major/minor, you're already done with your 200 level requirement)! </p>

<p>You can also test out by way of the FL placement test, but I heard it's sort of hard, although I can not attest to that personally.</p>

<p>Well, Son found the test yesterday. </p>

<p>He logged into WIN, clicked Virtual Campus in the top right corner, and scrolled down to the foreign lang placement. After reading the instructions, he decided not to proceed until he knows his AP score. Like pinkcupcake14, his goal is to test out. Apparently the AP outcome will affect that.</p>