forgot to put legacy

<p>i found out over the break that i have a third or fourth cousin who went to Georgetown for 10 years and became a doctor. he has the same last name as me too but when i submitted the part II i didn't know about him. i know we're not close relatives but since we have the same last name and he went to graduate school there and also he was an undergrad there that probably would have helped me.</p>

<p>That doesn't make you a legacy and I don't think it would help at all.
At most schools "legacy" refers to candidates who had a parent, grandparent or sibling who graduated from the school (or in the case of a sibling, presently attending counts too), and at many schools it must be the undergrad school (i.e., a parent or grandparent who got an MD or JD at the university might not qualify the applicant as a legacy).</p>

<p>Big LOL @ this thread</p>

<p>^^^^^ relax im just trying to be thorough. and the app has a space for "relation," it's not like other college apps that specifically ask if you have a parent/gradnparent who went to georgetown.</p>

<p>Many of my D's applications asked about ANY relation who attended. You can undoubtedly send them something and they'll add it to your application. Contact the admissions office or just google and look for a fax number. Many will accept updates. Of course if someone wins a big national contest they'd want to update them, for example. Be sure to include your applicant number on the transmission, if you have been issued one. Just send a nice little note, assume they got it/entered it, and put it out of your mind.</p>

<p>It would be a waste of time to tell GU that a 3rd or 4th cousin went there as there is not a doubt in my mind that it will not help one's application. But if you have nothing better to do...</p>

<p>I can't even name any of my 3rd or 4th cousins, and the relation is so distant, that I don't think it would make the slightest difference. Now, things are a little different if your 3rd cousin's named McDonough or McDevitt (Georgetown</a> University: University Receives Largest Philanthropic Gift Ever), but otherwise don't sweat it.</p>

<p>YES! I knew 4th cousin twice removed Robert McDevitt (very famous) would come through for me!!! See you all in D.C!</p>