Forgot to submit extra transfer update form for UC Berkeley before deadline

I’m a real idiot who doesn’t read the bottom of emails. I did not know UC Berkeley required their own transfer update form on top of the system wide form you submit to the UC website for all other school before January 31. I just noticed my mistake right now and its killing me. I went on the Berkeley website for my account but when I click the form it says

“Our records indicate that you are not authorized to access this form. This form is available to UC Berkeley College of Letters and Science transfer applicants only.”

I am an applicant to the Letters and Science.
Any other stupid people make this mistake? Worth contacting addmissions or should I accept my fate? The office is closed until Monday, idk how I’m going to get through the weekend.

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YOU HAVE TO AT LEAST TRY! I am applying for a full tuition scholarship that was due feb 1. I got an email saying all checklist items needed to be done feb 10 so I thought I had a few more days. Feb3 I decided to submit the essay and it says the deadline has passed. I was about to cry and emailed my admissions officer abt the mixup. I was able to submit the essay two days late. I could’ve accepted that I wouldn’t be able to submit it but I chose not to and did something about it. If you truly love the school, FIND A WAY ANY WAY!! GOOD LUCK!!!

I just emailed my admission representative right now, and am going to call first thing in the morning when the offices open on Monday. Thank you. I am just in disbelief that I might have messed up my chances over this stupid little mistake

Any updates, I did the same thing!