Forgot to submit peer evaluation for Dartmouth...

<p>Hey everyone,
So basically I completed the Common App for Dartmouth College, thinking there was no supplement, but I just recently found out there is a peer evaluation that was supposed to be submitted along with it... I've just had my alumni interview, so do I still need to send this in? Also, I'm a Canadian student, but an American citizen if that is relevant.</p>

<p>It is not too late, but I would advise that your recommender email it to the admissions office rather than mailing it.</p>

<p>Do it ASAP.
As xmyles said, it is possible to get your peer to email it to the office directly. These were supposed to be received in Jan, so you should hope that they accept it. Though im guessing if you had a good interview and a good application, they will be working in your interest and therefore accept the late supplement.
Best of luck!</p>