Forgot to write name on test booklet

<p>My proctor forgot to tell us to write our names on the test booklet. I completely filled out the answer sheet with my name and included the test booklet form codes, but I forgot to write my name on the test booklet. When the proctor was collecting the test booklets someone asked if we were supposed to write our name on the booklet and he was like "ummm no you don't have to...they have you form code." Will this affect my scores? Thanks.</p>

<p>No, probably not. My proctor didn't tell us to write our names on the test booklet either. There is no line for it anyway.</p>


<p>I think there is a line at the top? Is there? I think I remember writing my name on there.</p>

<p>Yeah there is a line for your name on the back.</p>

<p>Oh yea, i just realized. Well, I didnt write it either. Oh well.</p>

<p>There definitely was a line on top, it's common sense to fill in your name if it asks for it, but I'm sure they have plenty of safeguards for situations like this so you probably don't have to worry.</p>