Form 1 & Fee Notification???

<p>I'm applying to Stanford RD and am sending Form 1 & Fee tomorrow.</p>

<p>Will Stanford notify me when they receive Form 1 & Fee, so I know if they have started a file for me? I don't want to send all my other forms in later if Form 1 ended up getting lost in the mail or something.</p>

<p>If you're doing it electronically, you shouldn't have a problem. As for paper... not sure. It doesn't matter what order your forms come in. All of my apps have had the teacher recs come in wayyy later than the Form ones themselves.</p>

<p>Okay, thank you. I was just wondering, because Stanford says they have to receive Form 1 before they can make a file for you</p>

<p>umm my teacher recs and school transcripts came in before i even sent out my form one. does that mean they dont make a file for me?!@?#!?</p>

<p>err. I mean my teacher recs, etc... came in before my Form 1.</p>

<p>They'll file everything that you send them and then put it together when you've got your form 1 in.</p>

<p>ahh i see thanks! :)</p>

<p>Do you guys just give the rec forms without your ApplyYourself! ID numbers printed on them? Coz those with the numbers can only be downloaded after we have submitted Form 1. And it's said that having the ID on documents will help them...</p>

<p>i didnt have the ID on them and it was fine.</p>