Form questions

<p>Form questions:</p>

<p>You helped me on my last post, and I just pop up with some other questions.</p>

<p>I generated a document with all the schools that I am applying to and all their checklists.</p>

<p>So, question #1: say form A</p>

<p>On the checklist, only like 1-2 schools says they require "Secondary School Final Report", but that form is listed under the "Complete Transfer Application Packet" on <a href=""&gt;;/a>. Anyways, do I need that form for my schools?</p>

<p>Question #2: say form B</p>

<p>After I submitted the common app for UMich, this form popped up, "School Report". This form is for HS Counselor, and is 2 pages. Very much alike with the ones high school seniors need to submit. However, this form is not listed on any of my schools.</p>

<p>SO,,,, Do I need both form, or just form A, or just form B?</p>

<p>Same question goes with the Midyear report. If the checklist doesnt say it, do i need to send it?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance

<p>The CA is a general program that is meant to be used for all of the schools in the system, therefore there are some forms that will be unnecessary for some schools. If the school's website has a checklist of forms and does not list either a SSR or mid-term report on it, then you don't have to submit it.</p>

<p>Call UMichigan and ask if they need the form.</p>