formal attire

<p>How often will I have to wear a suit or sport coat at cmu?</p>

<p>A couple of times during the year, some organization will host formals so if you want to go to these you should bring something appropriate. Also, there are two big job conferences (1 fall and 1 spring) and I would recommend bringing something for those if you are planning on going there to look for jobs. Also, if those go well, you might want to have something nice for interviews.</p>

<p>Do freshmen go to the job conferences?</p>

<p>Yes they do. I have one suit (jacket and pants) as well as several dress shirts and a couple of ties, plus nice shoes and socks. That provides me with more than enough formal wear.</p>

<p>Freshmen go to the spring job fair, which is targeted at students looking for summer internships. The fall job fair is mostly for seniors looking for real jobs.</p>

<p>Freshman also go to the fall job fair. It is harder to get attention there, as it is more urgent that students find full time work there than internships, but a lot of companies are moving their recruiting timelines up and looking for people earlier. It is also a good idea to go just to learn more about different companies</p>

<p>Oh wow! Thanks for the reminder; I would have forgotten.</p>