Formal Attire?

<p>I have read that BS's have formal attire, but this rule is more strict for the guys. Would polos from stores such as abercrombie and ralph lauren be considered formal enough for classes?</p>

<p>Once you have selected your school, you can ask them for a copy of their written dress code. Some schools that do not require a coat & tie for boys will require a collared shirt such as a polo shirt. Others are much more casual. You should contct your school directly.</p>


<p>Any current Exeter Students out there willing to share?</p>

<p>It depends. First, check with the individual school as many also have casual attire.
One formal attire dress code for girls says there must be 2 "visable layers" of tops for girls, so no, simply a RL polo would not be formal enough in that case - you would need a sweater or something over it. </p>

<p>Many schools have their student handbook on their web site and that would have their dress code outlined.</p>

<p>thanks for the information! :D</p>

<p>for exeter: guys have to wear shirt and tie (or trutlenecks...ick) girls can't wear riped jeans, and should wear a "blouse" (basically no t-shirts with writing on it) jeans are ok.. most teachers don't really care as long as guys are in ties and nobody is wearing a sweatshirt (and they overlook the sweatshirt thing all the time)</p>

<p>rbupe, isit mandatory to wear multiple visible layers?</p>

<p>I answered and posted the visable multiple layers before I saw Exeter - that was just one school's example.
You really need to get the official school policy (handbook) before you shop.</p>

<p>okie doke! :D</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a>
It is this document.</p>

<p>yes! I finally found it! thanks for the help everyone! :D</p>