Former Freshman Connection student here... ask me anything!

Hello all! With EA decisions coming out so soon, I thought I would offer myself as a resource for FC admits. I wish I had someone on this forum last year to answer questions. I am in my second semester here, which means I am no longer in FC.

HS Stats/Background:
-Female W
-Private HS
-29 ACT / 1260 SAT
-3.3 Unweighted GPA

-pretty extensive list of extracurriculars: 60+ hours service, student leadership, two sports

@merrillf Thanks for your update. My S20 has the following:

Male W
Private HS
1410 SAT
4.23 Weighted GPA
Just about same EC’s as yours.

I would hope that he qualified for Fall admission but seems as though he would most definitely qualify for FC, wouldn’t you think?

So UMD does get picky with private, in state schools. So that’s one thing that may have an effect. However, a common thread across the FC students I’ve met is SAT scores lower than 1300. With his scores, I would say he might get fall admission. I had a similar weighted GPA.

I heard decisions may come out today!?

@merrillf Please explain your first sentence, in terms of “UMD does get picky with private, in state schools”?

Maryland has a reputation of accepting more students from public schools than private. Add the in-state dynamic and it’s even more selective.
Hopefully this makes sense.
At my high school, everyone was aware of these tendencies, and therefore getting into Maryland was very competitive. It varies school to school, though, based on location/demographics and such.

@Ravenrob You would be shocked at who gets outright rejected from UMD-- not even making it into Freshman Connection. Shocked! You cannot count on anything until you get that acceptance.

@Whatrocks Hence you understand my concern with this process.

@Ravenrob Best of luck. Hopefully your son will be accepted and all will be good in the world!

Do I need to apply FC? Or it will automatic enroll to the program once I applied the reg admissions

When do they send out the decision

@Sat2020 - Freshman Connection is offered to all students who receive a Spring Admission decision. You do not have to apply, but you do have to enroll. Enrollment is NOT automatic

Enrollment is first come - first serve.

Thank you @merrillf ! My son will definitely be happy with a Spring/FC admit. He has a 1320 SAT and 92 UW GPA. Hoping I’ll be back on this thread with questions for you in the next few days. It sounds like a fantastic option.

My daughter decided not to do FC but has friends that did and they were absolutely fine. You only do the later than normal schedule one semester as long as you keep a certain gpa.

Did you find having afternoon and evening classes limited the clubs or activities in which you were able to participate?

What do you know been accepted? Thanks

Do you have to confirm your admission to UMD before enrolling to Freshman connection? I am not sure I am attending but if I am I want to make sure to secure my spot in Freshman connection

I believe that FC enrollment starts on March 1

Here is the link for FC info

I have a few questions about the Freshman Connection program.

  1. Do you feel accepted by the other students?
  2. Do you choose your own roommates?
  3. Do you get freshman housing or whatever is available?
  4. Is it difficult to gain acceptance into your chosen major later?
  5. Is it difficult to register for Spring classes since you are last to register?
  6. Are there enough available classes in Fall semester to stay on track with your major?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I would like to be sure it is the right choice?