Found out that I'm not going to receive and AA but wrote that I will on the TAU - Help please!

<p>Actually--- was there a section where you could state that you would graduate from CC with an AA degree?
I'm looking through my submitted application and can't find the section (but I thought there was....)</p>

<p>Anyways, I was supposed to complete two PE classes (which both start in March) by the end of this semester, but I just found out that one of them was for a women's basketball team (even though the PE class was just listed as a regular Conditioning class with no indication it was for women's basketball...) and therefore have to drop it.</p>

<p>I listed the class as "PL" on my TAU.&lt;/p>

<p>Is there anything I should do?</p>


<p>Just remove it now, theres no gaurantee that they will get thee changes, but its not a big deal class anyway.</p>

<p>Didn’t know you could update it after the deadline.
Removed, thanks!</p>