Found Typo after Submission

<p>I submitted my app for ED, and I was reading over my essays again...
and I found a typo in my essay!!
I randomly wrote a "the" at the end of a sentence...and it's really obvious!!
Will this affect me? How bad? </p>

<p>THanks. :]</p>

<p>Oh, honestly.</p>

<p>It really won't matter at all. I guarantee it. Even if the reader notices it (and they probably won't -- they have to read fast when they have so many essays to read), they won't stop to think, "Hmm, this person obviously didn't spend much time editing," or whatever, because such things can be overlooked even after multiple revisions and edits. It'll be fine.</p>

<p>(This thread ranks with the "will using whiteout on my apps lower my chances?" sort of threads.)</p>