Foundation Fellowship class of 2026

Starting this thread as I didn’t see one yet. Based on last year’s thread students should find out soon if they advance to interviews I think. Any info or theories on when they may send out updates?

Wondering the same.

Any word on notification date?

I’ve only heard mid January. In past years posts on CC have indicated around 1/12.

Since the Ramsey Honors Scholarship was merged with Foundation Fellowship, do you think there will be more students awarded, or will it continue to be the same amount as previous Foundation Fellowship classes?

The page still says inviting “around 50 finalists,” which seems similar to previous years. Maybe they are inviting a similar number to interview but will name a higher proportion of them FF than in the past??

They intend to keep the FF class at 25-30.

Decisions are out!!

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It was a no for our child, alas. Congrats if others heard back yes.