Founders Scholarship and FInancial Aid Packages

My son was admitted RD and received a Presidential Scholarship. He is in the School of Art. I was wondering if anyone had received the Founders Scholarship (which includes art as one of the categories). I also wanted to know when RD can expect financial aid packages. Thanks.

We are a current RIT family. My daughter attends SOFA (School of Film and Animation). I don’t have answers for you on your question but I did want to say that RIT has been extremely generous with financial aid. Not only with us but many of her friends. This is her 3rd year and they have made it possible for her to afford to attend. Just wanted you to know that.

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I believe Presidential is above founders, so you only get the presidential

has anyone had any luck asking for more money… we received financial aid and it was generous but could you just a little bit more to make it really competitive with other schools.

Hi! From another mom of 3.
Did you find that the FA stayed pretty consistent? They didn’t offer you a lot to get you there and then reduce it the next year?

Hi IowaMom66! RIT is very consistent with their FA from freshman year on as long as your finances stay the same. If you need more, they will adjust the award more. If your financial situation improves, they will adjust and offer less. We are there 3 years and the award has been consistent. When Covid hit and she lost her two jobs, we appealed the FA award and they gave her another $2k. They are very generous.

@Coulditbe Yes we have. Last year when Covid hit, my daughter lost her two campus jobs and summer job. This money is used for school. We wrote an appeal and explained why we were asking for more. We explained their FA package was very generous but Covid really affected her financially and she didn’t want to have to take out extra loans as compared to previous years. They did approve the appeal within a day or two and gave her an extra $2k. We were ready for them to deny the appeal but were pleasantly surprised when they did not.

Yes! When our son transferred last year, we made an appeal and explained our current family circumstances (three generations in one roof with two sets of elderly parents we are helping and taking care off). The school added $7K/year scholarship to his FA.