Four-Day School Week?

<p>My son would love this: No</a> class: 4-day school weeks gain popularity nationwide -</p>

<p>Are any CC members out there attending high schools with four-day weeks?</p>

<p>If so, what do you think? How does it affect AP classes or other advanced/accelerated options?</p>

<p>While it's different, I know that I did much better in college with a 4-day week (that had extremely busy days) vs a 5-day week (that had classes better spread out).</p>

<p>That wouldn't work at my school. The 180 days minimum wouldn't be met at all... and I don't think the students would be able to pay attention to more than we already learn. My teachers don't really teach all that much and they complain about that so it wouldn't really work out here.</p>

<p>Any idea what these schools that do follow this do for the 180 minumum days in a year? Or is that a Massachusetts thing?</p>

<p>Definitely a Mass thing. I have 173 days of school I believe. Public in Minnesota.</p>

<p>I live in Texas and there's a certain amount of days of school we have to have but I'm not sure what it is I think it's about 180'ish maybe a little less...?</p>

<p>Um... I wouldn't mind having school Mon-Tues, and then Thur-Fri. Just so we have a day off in the middle xD</p>

<p>Ick, a day off in the middle would just be an excuse for teachers to pile on the homework.</p>