Four Fraternities

<p>How difficult is it to get bids from the following:</p>

<p>1) Lambda Phi Epsilon
2) Theta Tau (Engineering Fraternity)
3) Pi Alpha Phi
4) AXiO</p>

<p>For example, what is a rough ratio of those who attend attend most of the rush events to those who get bids?</p>

<p>I read posts from a few years ago that asserted that asian fraternities tend to have a gang-like mentalities? how true is this today?</p>

<p>I am willing to drink but only in moderation. How significantly will this affect my chances of getting into any of the previously mentioned fraternities? Though most of the fraternities do state that drinking is not required, realistically, how many non-drinkers are actually in these fraternities?</p>

<p>axo is a sorority.....i mean it'd be sweet if you could join and you're a guy (although the chicks there are ehhhhhh. still can't complain...HIGH FIVE!) half of the girls on my floor joined there.

<p>unless you're a girl. then whoops. mah bad.</p>

<p>Batman- You got it wrong. He is talking about AXiO not axo. </p>

<p>I have been to all of the frats' rushes you mentioned except AXiO. The Lambdas have a huge house and they have the stereotypical asian gangster kinda feel. They work out and try to act tough. If you join, they will try to buff you up a lot... Those guys have crazy parties. Lots of alcohol and lots of asians. I doubt that there are non drinkers in that frat. I hear that pledging for them is really intense. You will definitely drink a lot many times. They have "little sis" program which i think is pretty sketchy. yadadamean?</p>

<p>Theta Tau is the "professional engineering frat". They are the more social kind of engineers. A current member was just elected to the ASUC senate. They do "party" but its nothing compared to the other frats you mentioned. Its basically just them drinking. Its smaller and they dont have random people over. And they dont have a house yet. My logic is, most of the top engineers - like top 20% work solo or in small groups. They dont need a large group to drag them down. Only the weak need to group together to survive. As a freshman, I was in the same classes as the president and the older members who were supposed to "mentor" me. All i did was skip math 1b and take 3-4 techs a semester like a lot of engineers. These guys are close knit. About 8-12 people get a bid ithink. You dont have to drink in this frat. Some guys are chill, some are real jerks.</p>

<p>I went to a PiAlphaPhi event. I always see these guys chilling in sproul. They are pretty chill. Depending on whether you go in spring or fall, they will accept a lot or a few. They accepted this one guy who has super asian glow. They played a game called "bet your liver". It was pretty scary.</p>

<p>I havent been to AXiO, but i got their flyer. I remember it said: "Only the strong, F&9# the rest".</p>

<p>Greek letter fail. I didn't even realize a third Asian frat existed...</p>

<p>From my observations, any race/ethnic-based fraternity tends to have gang-like mentalities. However, keep in mind that this is true to some extent for all fraternities due to the closeness of their members.</p>

<p>This is why I suggest you check out each fraternity that you might be interested in for yourself.</p>

<p>And yeah, Theta Tau is a professional fraternity with social emphasis. If you're looking for a traditional social fraternity with an engineering focus, take a look at Triangle. (Full disclosure: I'm a member of Triangle.)</p>

<p>By the way, AXiO (Alpha Xi Omega) is not AXO (Alpha Chi Omega). AXiO, is, in fact a fraternity, they're just not in IFC.</p>

Are you even in a frat? Because from what I've seen, you seem to talk a lot of S**t about fraternities and have a lot of 'knowledge' about them for someone who isn't even in a fraternity. Seems like maybe you should get your priorities straight and stay out of stuff that you aren't even part of</p>

<p>batman17 is not in a house. he's just a little kid who still lives in the dorms and pretends like he actually knows the houses because he parties a lot. hahahhaa</p>

<p>my male teacher joined a sorority hah actually he lived in the sorority house because he worked for them and they gave him free</p>

<p>Ah yes, the working in a sorority house arrangement. It sounds fun, until you have to sign the anti-dating contract that prevents you from hooking up with hundreds of hot girls. The, you're excluded from the secrets. I'd imagine it'd be torture. :P</p>

<p>Thanks for all the help (especially turtlecloud). So, I would definitely be binge drinking while pledging for Lambda Phi Epsilon? </p>

<p>Also, I noticed that their Lambda Phi Epsilon and Pi Alpha Phi rush groups have around 450 members. Assuming that we account for individuals leaving the group after unsuccessful rushes, various alumni, current members, and members of other charters, I would probably be competing against 200 individuals for a handful of bids? I am fairly social, but realistically, the odds seem quite bad.</p>

<p>Dude, you're worrying way too much. Just go to the events. You don't even know if you like the house yet. If they like you, they'll give you a bid. It they don't, they won't. How big the rush group is does not determine your "competition."</p>

<p>No, the groups are full of random people cause they just invite every single facebook friend they have.</p>

<p>I've heard that pineapple has chiller guys than lambdas (a little less gangster asian vibe). </p>

<p>I don't think they're too competitive either way (not positive though).</p>

<p>A lot of people go to rush events just to party.</p>

<p>Don't worry too much about the competition. Just go to the events and enjoy yourself. You will get a bid if the brothers of the house think you'd be a good fit.</p>