Four Years Of A Language????

<p>i heard that students have to take four years of a foreign language. wtf!?!?! please tell me that im wrong.</p>

<p>Most colleges don't require 4 years of language. However, there are a number of magnet programs ( such as the one that my daughter is in) that do require it.</p>

<p>yea most colleges require 3 years of a language. i'd assume you would only need 4 if you were majoring in a language and/or planning on continuing it in college</p>

<p>im talking about Cornell</p>

<p>Cornell requires 3 years of one language. For CAS, at least.</p>

<p>What if I'm enrolled in the third year of Spanish as a senior?
I guess that counts, but can anyone confirm? (I also took 2 years of Italian)</p>

<p>Yeah Nakane, that totally counts as three years</p>

<p>i want to engineer, why language???</p>

<p>The college of engineering is the only college at Cornell that does not have a language requirement for an undergraduate degree.</p>


<p>now all i have to do is just get accepted</p>