Fourth Year Transfer?

<p>Does anyone here know a school that allows 4th year transfers?? I dont mind staying an additional 5th year. Any school in the top 40 range academically, or top 20 or so in business UG.</p>

<p>I didnt work hard my first year and have been raising my grades 2nd year, unfortunately got denied to all my schools. Are there any schools for example, USC or Claremont Kckenna that accept applications from 3rd years.
Also, having too many units is a problem for me, as with AP units I have 120 quarter units.</p>

<p>major gpa: 4.0
cumulative: 3.5+
work experience: ibd sa</p>

<p>Desperate to get into a better school so I can pursue banking. I am attending UCR now.</p>

<p>IMO, that would be a waste of time. Why don't you just apply for graduate schools? :O</p>

<p>I am aiming for an MBA, but in order to do that I will need at least 3 years of solid work experience from a BB or a well known boutique firm.
I will be severely limited from achieving this by graduating from my current school.</p>

<p>Just incase there is confusion, I mean 4th year transfer as in I am going to be a Junior and will apply this fall so I will transfer in as a Senior (or junior standing in another school).</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure USC will.</p>

<p>CallofDuty84, can you gauge my chances at USC Marshall? I was rejected last quarter with a 3.4 (I also had a NO CREDIT :O in Sociology 1), now I have 3.5+, because I got a 4.0.</p>

<p>However, the good thing is that because so many of my units are gradeless AP units, getting 4.0 again will raise my gpa by .08 if it happens again, then by .07 subsequently.</p>

<p>The only other thing is I am working as a summer analyst position at a mm ib firm. Will that make a huge difference if I apply to transfer again?</p>

<p>please keep in mind I will be a 3rd year

<p>Well, how many W's do you have?
Marshall is really competitive, a 3.4 is low. Did you write a good essay? How did you feel about your application? I know one kid who get into Marshall with a 3.4 but he was a part of the Trojan Transfer plan, which is very helpful but those are only offered for rejected seniors and i think you have to be legacy or somehow USC wants you to study on their campus for a special reason. Another kid applied out of CC with a 3.4 but was denied. Admissions is really weird. I had the Trojan transfer plan as well, and I got in for Spring.
Working at the place is good, but how many C's, D's or F's are on your transcript? Did you have any extra circular activities?</p>

<p>and the No Credit in Sociology probably didn't affect your chances, it was just the high number of applicants most likely.</p>

<p>Thanks for responding COD, I have 1 C in English writing, another C- that was replaced, and one B- in 20th Century History. I have 1 W in Macroeconomics because I was told it would not count as credit since I had a UCR-only replacement. </p>

<p>Summary: 1 NC, 1 W, 1 C, 1 replaced C-, 1 B-
Besides these screwups, everything else should be solid.</p>

<p>EC includes a Bus fraternity with VP position, and a few of clubs.</p>

<p>Not that bad, but the question is how much of your pre-reqs for Marshall did you have completed?</p>

<p>I didn't have macroecon, but I was planning to take it summer if I got accepted...I have micro and macro econ theory if that can replace it?
I think I have everything else... but I am not sure, calc bc AP credit, 1st year chem credit, 1st year bio credit, 1st year physics credit, ethnic studies, english series
Anything else I might've been missing?</p>


<p>usually all marshall applicants have their pre-reqs completed, did you send your AP scores to USC last year? and I'm pretty sure they want to see calc for a letter grade. Contact an admissions counselor and explain your situation or call USC Admissions.</p>

<p>Just to let you know USC doesn't accept replaced grades. They take both grades into account when calculating your GPA. In your case however, since it was a C- that you replaced, SC will only use the C- in your GPA calculation. They will not add in the higher grade.</p>

<p>USC factors both grades into the overall GPA. So if you got a F in History, and then got an A..then the F and the A will be calculated.</p>

<p>Yes, except in his case because it is a C-</p>

<p>"If you repeat a transferable course for which you earned a grade of D+ or lower, both grades will be included in your transfer GPA; if the grade on the first course was a C- or higher, then only the first grade is included"</p>

<p>So because the class I received a C- in, is non-transferrable: </p>

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<p>My GPA should theoretically be even higher?</p>

<p>How do I list my courses and grades on Common Application? I do not see a section so does that mean all I do is send them my transcript and they will see the GPA that my school measured? Or will they recalculate based on transferable courses.</p>

<p>Do advisers there see students on a regular basis? I am thinking of just driving there and speaking with them when I am back in socal.</p>

<p>I think you just send in your transcript... if someone can confirm that my answer is correct, that would be great. But on the Common Application, I don't remember listing grades....the transcript is sent for that reason.....</p>