Franklin College Foreign Language Requirement

<p>I'll be attending UGA's Franklin College of Arts & Sciences to major in either Biochemistry & Molecular Biology or Biology. I've been looking at the University-wide and Franklin College requirements and would like some clarification on the foreign language requirement. </p>

<p>This page Franklin</a> College of Arts and Sciences - Student Policies and Procedures - College Degree Requirements says that "All students must demonstrate competency in a foreign language equivalent to completion of the third semester of study."</p>

<p>Does this mean that I must take three semesters of a foreign language? I only have a background of two years of high school Spanish. I know there's a placement exam, but apparently I have to pay for that--it's not included in the orientation fee. So I'll just have to dedicate three semesters simply to fulfill this requirement? If that's the case I may just consider taking something new like Latin courses.</p>

<p>No, this does not mean you have to actually take three semesters. This means you have to take the 'equivalent' of three semesters. If you've taken a language for 2 years in high school, you're automatically placed into the 'second' semester of the language if you choose to do the same language (so, if you took at least 2 years of spanish in high school, you can opt to take 2 semester of spanish in college). So, you'll only have to attend two semesters of a language at UGA.</p>

<p>Good luck and welcome to UGA :)</p>

<p>(BTW, if you decide to take Spanish, I think you have to take the placement test...I filled in random bubbles because I didn't want to be placed higher...waste of $15, but I got an easy A)</p>

<p>Thankyou very much for helping.</p>

<p>Hi. If you had 2 years of a foreign language in high school do you HAVE to start in the 2nd semester language level at UGA? I plan to get a science major but I HATE languages. I don't feel like I learned a thing in high school and I finished my 3 years in my sophomore year so it has been a long time. So, if I have to take a language at UGA I would rather start over with the very first semester of the language vs. the 2nd semester. This way I could really focus on learning the basics before I move to level 2 and then level 3. The UGA Web site says that if you have 2 years in high school you have to start at the 2nd level of the language. Any suggestions for getting an exception to this requirement? If I do awful on the placement test do I still have to start at the 2nd semester level at UGA?</p>

<p>The way to get out of it is to take a language that's different from the one you took in high school. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you're required to start in the 2nd semester. You could try asking your adviser and see if they can make an exception for you or if it really is a requirement (I'm pretty sure it is). Even if you do poorly on the placement exam, you'll still be placed in the 2nd semester.</p>

<p>Thanks for getting back to me. Did you start in your second semester of a language? How hard was it compared to what you took in high school?</p>

<p>If you took Spanish in high school, the lowest level you can start in at UGA is 1110, which is a combination of 1001 and 1002 in one semester. After that, you can take 2001 and be finished. You don’t go to 2002 unless your major requires you to go to the fourth semester (or if you just want to).</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Does Spanish 1110 move really fast? Is it really hard? Do you think I should take Spanish 1 in the summer at my community college to get the basics down and then take Spanish 1002 at UGA? I am really challenged when it comes to languages. Thanks again.</p>