Franklin W. Olin? Caltech?

<p>I'm an Asian American male student going to a famous private boarding school in Massachusetts. I'm current in my junior year, and I just got my first SAT I score back.
My interests are probably engineering, aerospace or biomedical, but I'm also considering medical research.</p>

<p>My scores are:</p>

Physics 750
Biology 750
Math IIC 800</p>

<p>SAT I
CR 730
Math 800
Writing 730</p>

<p>Probably going to retake SAT I, hoping for above 2300.
My school doesn't have any AP courses except for math and psychology.
My school also does not have a GPA system, but my grade average is I believe A-. All my math courses/science courses are A's (exception to one or two).</p>

<p>My courses:
Senior (planning to take)
Advanced Physics
Advanced Biology
Multivariable Calculus
Chamber Orchestra
Studio Art (a requirement, but I enjoy computer graphics/drawing)
These are probably the most demanding courses for seniors at my school, exception to Studio Art)</p>

AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
Chemistry Honors
Orchestra (Chamber)
US History</p>

Physics (no AP or Honors offered)
Precalculus Honors
World History
French 30</p>

<p>Planning to take AP Physics, Biology, Calculus BC, Statistics hoping for all 5's,
I know APs don't do anything for college admission, it's just for credits in college.</p>

<p>I came to the United States my 8th grade, stayed in Canada for 3 years beforehand, but lived in Korea for most of my life. I went to a private boarding school as well during 8th~9th, then went to another private boarding school since.</p>

Beatboxer for two different acapella groups, performed multiple times
AMC taken, got through, score not known yet but I know that I'm going to take AIME pretty soon
Math Club - probably will be head of club next year
Varsity Wrestling - total four years
JV Tennis - 3 years
Sub/Rov club - gone to competitions, got a high placement in NE tournament once
Violin - 8 years, continually been in orchestras/concerts and performing for more than 5 years
Internship Molecular Neurobiology Lab @ McLean Hopsital (affiliated with Harvard): around 200 hours over the period of 7 weeks, did daily scheduled work relating to PD and behavioral sciences, did injections/tests with mice and rats, etc. Will probably hand in a paper related to my work, and a rec from the researcher as well.
Volunteer work at a senior rehab center, played violin for the seniors (music therapy) total 150 hours, during breaks over three years
Computer Programming - C/C++, self-taught for three years, made programs (chat program, data handling/structuring programs etc)
Computer Tech - in charge of a dorm for the computer technology/internet, etc
Applied for RSI, if I get in, I'll go, but if I don't get in, I'll be doing NYLF-MED and the same internship at McLean Hospital, but molecular sciences instead of behavioral sciences.</p>

<p>I'm assuming my recs will be good, and that my essay (hopefully) will be decent.</p>

<p>What are my chances...:
Johns Hopkins
Franklin W. Olin</p>

<p>I understand that most of these are going to be reaches for me, but is it a high reach? low reach? very high reach? Also, could anyone guide me on the test scores? Should I retake SAT I for sure, and one of the science subjects?</p>


is there anyone who applied to franklin w. olin, and got to go to the candidates weekend? if so, can you tell me what it's about and how it was?

<p>Caltech: Reach (but smaller than most people)
MIT: Reach (" " " " ")
Tufts: Match
Cornell: Low Reach
Darthmouth: Low Reach
Duke: Low Reach
JHU: Match
UPenn: Low Reach
Olin: Reach</p>

<p>Caltech: Low Reach/Reach
MIT: Reach
Tufts: Match
Cornell: Low Match
Darthmouth: Low Match/Match
Duke: Match
JHU: Low Match
UPenn: Match
Olin: Low Reach/Reach</p>

<p>does being in state help at all with Franklin, or MIT?

And add in Stanford to that list.
Just a shot xD</p>