Frat Parties?

<p>I was wondering how do you go to frat parties? Do you just show up, or do you need to be invited?</p>

<p>Get to know some frat dudes before going. If you are not invited they WILL kick you out usually. I have just "shown up" at many frat parties to have many dudes yelling at me. Frats tend to try to limit the amount of sausage at their parties. If you are a chick though, you can get in no questions asked</p>

<p>Too fratty.</p>

<p>I go occasionally. If you have a vagina there is no need to worry. If you're a guy you might get kicked out unless you give a name of somebody you know or pay the cover charge if they have one.</p>

<p>Depends on the school. At smaller schools everyone is welcome, at bigger ones you have to know someone</p>

<p>Only time I (or anyone I know) was turned away from a frat party it was because the cops were on their way... It depends on the school.</p>

<p>yeah, i guess it depends on the school. usually frats will have open parties the first couple weeks of school during rush, so you can just go house to house if you want and just walk in. drinks are generally free too. after that couple weeks, the parties are closed and you have to know someone, and/or pay. it also helps if you dont show up in a group of 10 guys. however, they all have open parties as well from time to time so theres nothing to really worry about. i went to the frats a lot my first year because its an easy way to meet people and you really have no where else to party. now, all my friends have their own places and they throw their own parties, so i have no reason to pay 5 bucks to party with a bunch of lame frat guys i dont know when i can just go to my buddys house and hit up his keg, where 20 of my other friends will be.</p>

<p>Yeah, its totally dependent on the school, I never had to pay 5 bucks to enter a party ever.</p>

<p>At USC, which has a pretty large greek scene, the frat parties are open to all guys in the beginning of the school year, during rush. I'm assuming you're a guy from your username, but if you're not, girls are always welcome. The rest of the year here for major parties you have to get on the guest list, which you do by knowing someone in the house. Also be prepared to wait in a line for the larger parties. Girls can just walk in, but when things are crowded, there's usually a line of guys waiting to get in, or being turned away.</p>