Frat Parties!!!

<p>Since this last week was welcome week, there were tons of frat parties goin on every day. How long do you think this is gonna last? Another one-two weeks? And after this party spree ends, how does getting into frat parties work if you aren't in the greek system. Will they be as accepting as they've been this past week, or would it be pretty tough to get into them? Will they even continue to have parties throughout the year?.... and if so, wwhat day would it be on? I heard Thursday, is this true or will there be parties on other days too, like on the weekends? Sorry if i seem hyper, i just love to pArTy!</p>

<p>How did you get into cal? haha jk.</p>

<p>bring hot girls with you and you're good.</p>

<p>omg I had a group of 15 girls and we got into everywhere, even without Cal ids XD. We had to hide our 2 guys in the back HAHA.</p>

<p>There's pretty much always something going on somewhere on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.</p>

<p>haha if i had hot girls ready to go to frat parties with me, i wouldnt need to go to frat parties</p>

<p>LOL ^^. too funnyyyyyyyyyy</p>

<p>Man, just call us up, we're always ready to party. LOLLL.</p>

<p>Oh my, your guy friends are too lucky Aphrodite -_-</p>

<p>I tried to go last night, but we had barely any girls because of their dry rush. Needless to say we didn't get in and the guy was a ******bag about it. Hopefully next weekend</p>

<p>^which house?</p>

<p>Sigma Pi</p>

<p>10 chars</p>

<p>ya you need to up that ratio
they are kinda ******y tho.
sigma phi is better but they dont rush</p>

<p>I went to the Sigma Pi party last night. It's all about the connections :)</p>

<p>They...were kind of dbags. But really, what do you expect?</p>

<p>Frat parties get old really quick. IMO co-op parties are much better and way more scandalous. I went to the CZ Las Vegas party and it was the best party ever. Totally blew the frat parties out of the water. Co-ops are so cool about letting anybody in.....well it was $3, but sooooo well worth it and they had a cage on the dance floor, enough said.</p>

<p>Which co-op?</p>

<p>i hear oscar wilde has some crazy parties.</p>

<p>Yeah, I have no connections right now. It kinda sucks</p>

<p>CZ = Casa Zimbabwe
With a name like that you know some crazy **** will go down.....and on Saturday night it did!</p>

<p>so, there are tons of frat parties going on during welcome week? how do you know when/where they happen (are there fliers? word of mouth?) and if you're a girl, you can get in, no problem?</p>

<p>yeah brah party all night rager dude
I'm sure if you're an attractive woman you could get in fairly easily, just expect the frat guys to try and hook up with you.</p>