Fraternities at KU

<p>Can anyone give me some thoughts on the fraternity system at KU? Looks like much of the recruitment process happens during the spring, and freshmen move right into the fraternities. Is it difficult to get into a house? We're from California so my son has no personal connections to any of the houses, other than being a triple legacy of one particular fraternity. Just wondering if it will be difficult for him to get a bid. And am also curious what it's like to be in a fraternity at KU if anyone can fill me in on that, too. Thank you.</p>

<p>Out of state students usually attend formal recruitment in the summer:</p>

<p>KU</a> Interfraternity Council - University of Kansas</p>

<p>More detailed information will be coming (and will be posted online) later in the pring.</p>

<p>In my son's case, it was the weekend before Freshman orientation. If your son accepts a bid, he can live in the house as a Freshman and KU would let him out of his housing contract.</p>

My S is in the same boat; coming from Washington. Have your S get on the IFC website and register as a potential recruit. I think the formal rush starts June 22nd, so you will want to attend the orientation session that immediately preceeds it. My S got a few calls from different houses after he registrered. Good luck</p>