<p>How tough is it for transfer students to fit in during frat rush? When is rush held? How successful are transfer students in being able to live in the fraternity once pledged?</p>

<p>Rushing at Ole Miss is a week long ordeal, and it usually takes place some time in the fall (around September and October). This upcoming fall, it is most likely going to be the last week of September. But transfer students have a good chance at joining a fraternity, even a "top tier" one. Just make sure to meet as many people as possible at all of the rush parties before rush and you will be set. And whether you live in the house has nothing to do with your age, it has to do with your pledge class. If you decided to pledge a fraternity, you are on the same level as the other freshmen you would be pledging with. So when you all have to live in the house (usually Sophomore year), you would live with them.</p>