Fraternity hazing death

We heard about this case a few yrs ago when our S was looking at HPU but didn’t know how bad it was!!

As the article shows, Nido Qubein is above the law in High Point because of all the money he donates. But most of this money does not come out of his own pockets, it comes from HPU parents and donors! If you go back through the financial records, HPU has given about $10 million to the city and civic groups the last few years and they have pledged $20 million more for downtown redevelopment including a children’s museum named after him. Qubein has a long history of doing this kind of thing, He bragged that his charitable foundation gave millions in scholarships, but when you look up the records it was only in the tens of thousands and that money came from other donors, he didn’t put in even a penny. Something to think about when writing those tuition checks.