Fraternity Question

<p>Hey Everyone
Im new to here.Im studying at Santa Monica College and gonna transfer to UCLA at the end of this fall semester for my 3th and 4th year.I started living in Westwood,and seeing people going to parties all the time.Im tired of small home parties.I wanna join frats and frat parties because im gonna transfer here 6-7 months later.But i dont know anyone so any suggestion guys ?thanks</p>

<p>Congratulations on transferring to UCLA! I wish you the best. If you’re looking for big frat, drinking parties, I don’t know many of them; Lambda Chi seems to be pretty fun and a good group of guys there also SAE that is known to have drunken parties, but they seem to be dying down, there is even an engineering fraternity called triangle. There’s basically a huge range of fraternities with purposes of every aspect in life/culture. However there is a website for you to look at to see what kind of fraternities there are and what their main purpose is. [University</a> of California - Los Angeles, IFC - Fraternities](<a href=“千亿体育,信誉平台”>千亿体育,信誉平台)</p>

<p>For me, Im from Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity, the only Christ-Centered Fraternity at UCLA. If you’re a Christian and want to hang with cool kids with free-retreats on the weekends and bible study and fun with other soroities, come check us out ([Home](<a href=“]Home[/url]”></a>).</p>

<p>Goodluck at UCLA! I wish you the best</p>

<p>thanks man
im looking for cool and nice guys that have a nice brotherhood… also party and fun smart</p>

<p>ZBT looks fine</p>