Fraternity Question

<p>I'm a student heading to ann arbor in the fall and i'm from the south. I'm planning on rushing but i don't know a thing about the michigan frats, eg the kind of guys that are in them. my main question is this; is there a frat(s) at umich that have a more southern preppy style? e.g. guys that wear polo, jcrew, sperrys, costas/raybans with croakies, golf, fish, etc....?? and what else are the general profiles of the big frats on campus</p>

<p>Haha... picking a fraternity based on the clothes the brothers wear...</p>

<p>If you're really concerned with how the bros dress, if you really want to know what each frat is like, GO TO RUSH. That's the advice I give everyone. Don't listen to the biased/inaccurate opinions of others. Go to welcome week parties, go to rush, and get to know some guys in a handful of houses/see what the houses are like for yourself.</p>

<p>But for your enjoyment, a few houses that are fairly well known to dress preppy: Phi Psi, Pike, Sig Ep. (Honestly, many have decent levels of preppy dress.)</p>

<p>Lovin' these 15 hour days.</p>

<p>Hey, are there any frats that DON'T dress preppy and are more relaxed when it comes to clothing?</p>

<p>there are new fraternities that are coming back to campus you may want to check out. ATO, TKE, TDX, and Beta are all back after getting kicked off</p>