Fraternity Sleeping Arrangements?

y son is an entering freshman at UF. I was in a fraternity at the Univ of Washington which at the time (and maybe still is) one of only two Universities that allowed freshman to live in the Fraternity. (Strangely I never knew this until a couple years ago.) I’m assuming UF Freshman don’t live in Fraternities. I am curious however what the typical sleeping arrangement is for most the Fraternities? Sleeping porches, or do students sleep in rooms and if so are they required to bring their own beds? I doubt the latter, but it’s been so many years so not sure how things are these days.

I’m far from an expert but I know that this fall’s fraternity rush begins September 14, which is two weeks after classes start. Freshman at UF historically and traditionally do not live in fraternity houses.

Sleeping arrangements vary but I believe the houses will face the same challenges as the dorms, but sadly with less adult supervision.

I would be very hesitant about living in a fraternity house right now, though I enjoyed my experience at UF many years ago.

Many schools allow students to move to Greek housing as freshmen if there is room, which there hardly ever is. Most students have their housing (dorm, apt, Greek) arranged before the semester starts. My daughter’s school required pledges to change their meal plans to eat at the houses, and the school allowed that (she lived in the dorm, ate at the sorority house, which was across the street from her dorm). She could have moved into the house at the winter break if she’d wanted to and the school would have allowed her out of her dorm contract.

Freshman for us typically lived in the dorms. Sophomore year was the first year they could live in the house. Rush was week 1 of fall quarter and housing contracts for the dorms were typically signed in May and are very hard to break at many schools.