Frats/sororities/community at Emory

D22 is trying to get a good feel for the “culture” of the students at Emory. She has received mixed assessments on the prevalence/importance of Greek life. The school also seems a bit preprofessional and STEM-focused on paper. She is more on the artsy and bookish side. She has noticed the Arts Management program and interdisciplinary humanities majors and likes those; yet performing arts and community service EC life is less clear from the outside. Any first-hand insights would be most appreciated.


Hi! I am more on the artsy / bookish side and might be transferring to Emory, albeit as a senior doing a special program. I’d like to know about this as well since the school where I’m currently at has no greek life.

You might want to try asking r/applyingtocollege or Emory’s subreddit for more activity.